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These are samples of some of the various awards that I have created. These unique pieces are all custom made and have various elements other than metal added to them. 



Future Leaders of Manitoba Award 

The Future Leaders of Manitoba (FLM) is an organization of professionals, who believe that the future of our province relies on our ability to encourage and attract exceptional young people to live, work and thrive in this great province.


The FLM host a Manitoba-inspired event each year that brings people together to celebrate the accomplishments of our future community leaders.


 I have been supplying these awards since 2009.



Named the Marie Greeniaus Award after a long serving member of the assocation.

Marie passed from Breast Cancer in 2005 and was a dear friend of the artist.

This award is presented to a Seed Analyst who has made outstanding contributions to the Seed Industry.

Each year invokes a varation on the theme of an emerging seedling and a mature head of grain.


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